The usual way that domestic violence cases start in Brooklyn is by a 911 call to the police. The police will arrive at the location and interview the parties. In most cases, the police will decide to arrest one of the parties if there is any sign or allegation of violence. Usually, the male will be the one arrested.

Once under arrest, the person will be taken to a police precinct and fingerprinted. You will then have to wait to see a judge to be released. This is the worst part of the arrest. You will be placed in a cell with hundreds of people, mant of whom can be violent. In Brooklyn you will be in jail for about 32 hours before you see a judge. This can be a very difficult time for anyone.

Once you appear in front of the judge, he will determine if you are going home or not. Usually, if the person has no criminal record, the will be released without any bail. However, if there is any warrant history or history between the parties, a judge will set bail. If bail is set, you will have to post it in order to be released.

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