Mr. Discioarro began his career as a domestic violence prosecutor in New York City. As a prosecutor, Mr. Discioarro saw the system up close. He understands the criminal justice system in New York City in a deep way. After leaving that post he opened The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC to assist those accused of domestic violence in all boroughs in New York City.

Mr. Discioarro represents clients through New York charged with domestic violence. He udnerstands what is at stake in these cases. Often there are children involved and a divorce proceeding in the middle of the criminal case. He is a former law professor and has appeared on ABC, CNN, Fox News, the NY Times and all other major news networks.

When facing these charges, you need an attorney that not only understands the law but know how the procedure works in each county. This is because each county in NYC handles cases differently due to the fact that each county elects its own District attorney. "I enjoy helping people during a very stressful time in their lives." he said.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Brookly, contact Mr. Discioarro at 917-519-8417, and let us put our experience to work for you.